It took me long to decide direction for this blog – my humble tribute to my brother, who lost out to a powerful enemy – cancer, which malevolently claimed his life some years ago, as if it had some irrevocable enmity with him. It took long because I didn’t know what mood it should strike. Sombre, serious, irreverent, joyful, deep, not-so-deep, subject-specific, or just like that – let it flow. Then I decided to let it flow. Because he too was like that. He let life flow on and didn’t waste time trying to structure it. Sometimes he succeeded, often he didn’t, but he was for real. As we all are. And that’s what I’m going to showcase out here – we all are for real, our warts, our strengths, our frailties, our flaws and what is good in us – everything is for real and worth accepting and talking about.

The only thing that’s NOT allowed here is violence – whether it’s in thought or word. The GR Initiative disapproves of anything that divides, anybody that frowns on diversity, and any attempt, however small, to judge or condemn. This initiative will celebrate diversity, venerate goodness and revere all forms of life. It will at all times, write out prescriptions for health – of society and mankind.

The GR Initiative is dedicated to life, health, questions, answers, relationships, joys, sorrows, and in fact anything related to life, be it human, animal or plant life. Nothing and no one is outside the purview of The GR Initiative, as long as it is positive, insightful, thought-provoking and non-violent. It will be my attempt to give my readers content that will help them pause, think, feel good, or just enjoy a good read. I will do this as often as I can and as well as I can. Because my brother too was like that. He spread cheer as well as he could.

Bharathi Ghanashyam

Disclaimer: This blog is published through journalistsagainsttb owing to the fact that I am tech-challenged and didn’t quite get the hang of starting a new blog. The views expressed here will be completely mine and not of my group.